Staff survey

With our help, you will learn more about important company issues such as job satisfaction and management and error culture, as well as finding out your employees’ ideas for improvement.

Your questions are our goal

Defining the approach

Our surveys enable you to modulate your further strategy in a targeted manner and to initiate the next steps in your company.


We are happy to conduct surveys for you at different locations and with different stakeholder groups.

Relevant results

Our expertise enables a differential analysis of the influencing factors.

Your benefits with Diacova as your partner

Scientific analysis

Our employees hold a degree in psychology and are therefore also highly qualified in the field of statistics and methodology.

Practical implementation

Direct conclusions for specific actions can be drawn from our results, and we will help you to implement them in your company.

Extensive experience

With our many years of experience, we have practical knowledge of very different companies and branches.

Detailed report

We present our results in a written report and supplement it with support for the next steps.

Joint approach

  • 1
    Determining the query

    In a free initial meeting, we familiarise ourselves with your query and initial situation.

  • 2
    Designing the survey

    From that starting point, we design the further strategy and collect the necessary data with the appropriate set of tools.

  • 3
    Data collection

    We implement the questionnaires chosen during the design stage to collect data about your query.

  • 4

    We evaluate the data statistically and present our assessments and interpretations.

We look forward to hearing from you

We will answer your message within one working day.