In an individual or group assessment, we use proven tools to assess your candidates for a management position.

Our assessments are individual and unique, tailored to the assessment questions and the candidates.

Our reports are informative and illustrated with suitable graphics. At the same time, they are clear and compact. The reports include clear statements about the candidates’ potential and development recommendations, generating benefits for personal and professional development. We present the results pictorially, and we work with symbols to deepen the relevant points and ensure sustainability.

Your goal is our mission

Support with selection

We help you select your candidates for a management position.

Support with development

Find out in which competences your candidates have potential with our assessment.

Precise picture of candidates

With our assessment process, we give you an easily understandable picture of your candidates.

Insights into potential

Our comprehensive and informative reports serve as a reliable basis for human resources decisions and for the definition and implementation of effective development measures.

Your benefits with Diacova as your partner

Qualified assessors

Our assessors hold degrees in psychology or human resource management. They have had the best possible training to assess your candidates.

Approved approaches

Our certification from Swiss Assessment means our quality and procedures are recognised throughout Switzerland. This covers every step, from the definition of the commission to its evaluation.

Good becomes better

For us, there is no right or wrong. Your candidates’ assessments are written with a focus on development recommendations and will be discussed individually if requested.

Practical relevance

Our assessors operate across the board of human resource development, and are familiar with different aspects of praxis.

Joint approach

Our approach for a successful assessment based on your requirements.
  • 1
    Determining the job profile

    Taking into account the position to be filled, we work with you to create a job profile for the assessment.

  • 2
    Designing the assessment

    Based on the agreed job profile, we create a customised assessment and choose the most appropriate tools to measure candidates’ performance.

  • 3
    Implementing the assessment

    We invite your candidates to our offices to conduct the assessment with them. Afterwards, we write a report which describes clearly the performance and potential of each candidate.

  • 4

    We communicate your candidates’ performance to you in writing and, if required, we can also present it to you verbally. Candidates also have the opportunity to have an individual feedback session.

We look forward to hearing from you

We will answer your message within one working day.